Love Astronomy and Star Gazing

Whether you study astronomy as a scientist or you just love to watch the stars you have to admire the beauty of a clear night sky. Growing up on a farming property I had a fascination with the stars from as early as I can remember and being away from the big city without the obstruction of city lights I was able to spend countless hours looking up at this awesome picture, the views were stunning.

Your imagination can wonder and it also puts perspective on how tiny we all are in the big scheme of things. Many years later I travelled through some of the most remote parts of Australia's outback and was able to get a view like nothing I had ever seen before, when you talk about star gazing away from city lights these places are king.

Each night I was able to sit back in my deck chair and enjoy an unobstructed view that nothing else even comes close to matching something so relaxing and awe inspiring and I was wandering, is there a way to enjoy this view without having to be in such a remote part of the Country? Well there is something and this beauty can now be very simply re-created on your very own bedroom ceiling with very little cost, time or effort.

So if you are one of the many people who loves astronomy or star gazing my XVR GEN IV ceiling stars will allow you to easily create the most brilliant night sky on your very own bedroom ceiling transforming it in a way that you never thought possible.