Customer Comments

The following comments have been received from customers that have set up my ceiling stars over the past few years.

The one thing that all these customers have in common is room darkness which allows them to see the star effect as it was designed. Provided this darkness is present the stars can and have been used in many different places.

XVR - GEN IV Star Kits - July 2015 Onwards

Marcel, Last week, I was able to take the time to install my son's star ceiling. And while it may take some time for my neck and shoulders to recover from sticking 2000 stars up there, it was completely worth the effort. I've attached a photo (a one-minute exposure since they're so realistically faint), but you know better than anyone that photographs can't begin to do justice to the real effect of lying under these stars. Drawing his heavy curtains and making the room pitch black thrusts us into a very realistic night sky experience.

As you can see, I've positioned many of the brightest stars to show some of the most prominent northern hemisphere constellations, and I even went so far as to try to preserve some important spatial relationships where possible. I want the ceiling to be as educational as it is beautiful, and I think, due to your outstanding product, it does an excellent job at being both!

Thanks so much for creating these amazing stars. You've made for one very happy customer, and a 4-year-old who adores them and will be thrilled to have these in his bedroom for a very long time. The stars are everything your website promises: realistic, long-lasting, and easy to install. They really are the best thing available on the market...by light years! Cheers! David - USA

Hi Marcel, I took these pictures around 5:00 o'clock in the evening EST. the sun was going down. i closed the shades in the room. the ceiling pictures i will have to take when its much darker at night. Thank you for your professional service and for providing such a exceptional product. the different size and smaller stars is really what takes the whole night stars come alive in a realistic scene. I can see why your so busy with orders...

I was not able to get good shots of the ceiling and walls together. The room looks amazing once it got dark here. My wife and I were laying on the floor admiring the depth and color of the stars. It was like star gazing in the middle of a clear sky at night but in the comfort of our own home. We could even set up a tent to camp in the room! :) Thanks again. I will try and send pictures of the ceiling when I have more time. victor - USA


Marcel, I know it has been forever since I bought these. I finally got the room finished I was remodelling. See the attached pictures. Feel free to use them. I had to send two emails because I am sending the .RAW image files. Thanks again. Amazing product. This surpassed everything I expected and you truly get lost in the night sky in your own bedroom. Jacob - USA


I ordered from you just a couple of weeks ago all the way from Nova Scotia, It's an incredible product. My sons ceiling looks amazing, absolutely realistic. I've taken quite a few photos with a Gopro hero4 and they turned out incredible. Feel free to post them on your website. I'll probably end up ordering more and loading up the ceiling, I currently only have about a 1/4 patch done and I added some very small glowing planets at his request

A word about this customer photo: The planets will be drowning out some or many of the faint/movement stars so if you do this yourself be aware that they will interfere with your night sky.

Hey Marcel, Stunning, absolutely amazing :) Thank you very much for this awesome nightsky !!! I've attached a picture I took now that I've finished setting up the stars, maybe you want to put it on the website :) Great job man!


Hi Marcel, I wanted to tell you that my daughters absolutely love their XVR stars. They didn’t know what to expect from the tiny boxes they opened on Christmas morning, but my husband set them up that afternoon and by evening, their ceilings were aglow. My eldest was rather speechless, and she said that the stars were better than she ever imagined (and she has been asking for ceiling stars for a while!). My youngest daughter now brings every friend that visits straight up to her room, turns off the lights and shuts the blinds so they can see her beautiful star ceiling. Both of them are very proud to show their friends the constellations they chose from your website. The different sizes of stars and the bright glow the stars emit makes all the difference! The stars really do look like a beautiful night sky. Thank you again! Darien - USA

They look fantastic and I get what you were describing as movement, it's not something they physically do, it's like an illusion with how your eyes see it, they have kind of a twitch or flicker. It looks gorgeous and i'm very happy with how it came out and would certainly recommend them to others. - USA

Hey Marcel - I just wanted to let you know that your stars are fantastic. I just ordered my third set as a gift for someone else because they are so awesome. I didn't have a question or concern, I only wanted to say you're doing a great job! Thanks! Best, Jett - USA

Dear Marcel - I want to thank you for your perseverance in developing your beautiful microstars. I love them! I've ordered more for my home so now your stars also glow in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you! Rachel - USA

Hello I received my xvr microstars in Las Vegas and put them up. I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely impressed with them! They are so realistic, I could lay there for hours and stare at them. You have created something beautiful and magical. I am going to recommend them to everyone I know. Great job and thank you! - USA

Hi Marcel, Just to update you on my circular ceiling installation. I followed your clear instructions and the stars were indeed stunning! I am speechless...and you are right, no camera picture can ever do justice to their realistic beauty. ALL of my friends were marvelling at how realistic the stars appeared on my ceiling during my housewarming party. Thank you for realising my childhood dream of having the night sky depicted on my bedroom ceiling. Regards, Glenn - Singapore

Hello Marcel ! I received the kit weeks ago, but until today i didn't install it, Well, simply put, i don't know if theres a word in english to describe the awesomeness of the stars or to measure the face of amazement my 4 year old daughter put. Certainly there is not a word in spanish… your kit is amazing, the movement effect is mind blowing… well done , I'm very pleased with it. Thanks !!!! amazing stuff !!!! Greetings from Barcelona !

Thank you. I want you to know that we have purchased your stars before. They had a big impact on us as a family. Putting up the stars is more than just decorating a room. The time my daughter and I spent together learning how to apply the stars and creating the designs on the ceiling was priceless. Thank you for taking the time to create something beautiful. Thank you for then choosing to share that beauty with the rest of us. We moved in February. When we left my daughter cried about leaving her stars. For her birthday I am buying more (: I am also buying some for my youngest son's room. Soon I will save up and order some for my other two sons. Then all four of my children will sleep beneath your stars here in Texas. Thank you from a grateful mom. Tammie - USA

Hi Marcel, Many thanks for the kit which arrived today. We have installed a fantastic star ceiling in my 6 year old daughter's bedroom, and when it finally got dark this evening she announced that she has the 'best bedroom ever' and proceeded to lie on the floor in the middle of the room and stare at it for a very long time. I could not be more pleased with the ease of installation and the finished product has exceeded my expectations. I am going upstairs now to look at it again! Kind regards, Kim. - USA

I've put up just 2 strips (30"x30" area each) and it's amazing. The depth you feel and as your eyes adjust you see more stars, just like in the real night sky. It takes only 5-10 mins per strip and then I just shone the iPhone flashlight on them for a few seconds and it's wonderful. Thanks for making such a great product; my kids are going to love this. I was also impressed by the packaging, putting them in a tin rather than just wedged between sheets of paper.Thanks, Nicholas - USA

Hi Marcel, Huge thanks for that speedy reply (you must get so many emails) and to be honest I too am quite happy the way they are at the moment, with just the daylight 'charging'. Perfectly natural. I stopped my car near Goodwood last night (very little light pollution) and killed the lights to check the actual night sky out and was surprised at the similarity. Really fantastic.

My youngest keeps saying ".. I can't believe he makes them by hand....", so you really are a wielder of magic over there. They also dig your name 'Marcel' as they have started French.Thanks for the tips on the move, shall check them out again tonight and decide. We're now booked to see 'Frosty Winter Night Sky' at the local Chichester Planetarium; you've sparked something. Best,Steve - USA

Marcel, It's been over a year now and the stars are still amazing! I recently bought a Sony A7s that I was able to capture a glimpse of the stars but you're right in doesn't quite bring them to life in the way they appear to flicker to the naked eye. We are thrilled by them! They are the best investment we've made in our daughters room yet. Looking forward to purchasing some more for my sitting room. You're awesome keep them coming! Sincerely, Austin C- Monroe, NC, USA

Hi Marcel. I just received my package with the Stars I ordered. I put them up in the kids room, turned of the lights, and the stars simply came alive. They are just fantastic. In our house we are building, there will be a room dedicated to a Home theater (37 square meters, roughly 400 sq feet). My wife and I are just blown away, I just found the nightsky I was looking for. Thank you so much. I will order more when I get closer to the House bring finished in may 2016. Have a great weekend. Best regards Anders - Denmark

Marcel, Your product was everything I was hoping for and more! Our ceiling turned out perfect and was a great surprise to my wife.. thank you again for the prompt shipping and hard work in creating these stars! Erik - USA

Well, so delighted to add another drop to your sea of testimonials..my clients are over the moon with what your product added to their home theater...your directions, and other customer comments, made application a fun and tidy process...this job was the most fun we've had this season...creating a massive night sky in a specially designed room...just so much fun and magical impact! Thank you, Marcel...I'm anxious to do this again in the future! - USA

Marcel, I should have responded sooner. I just wanted to say that your product was everything that it claimed to be, and probably more. When my Granddaughters arrived for their summer visit they were in awe of the night sky I had put up in their room. Thank you for making this project a spectacular success. David. Texas - USA

XVR - GEN II Star Kits - Jan 2014 to March 2015

Hi Marcel: Your stars are fantastic! Splurging on them was one of the best decisions I made during my recent bedroom remodel. The stars add immeasurably to the sense of peace in the room, and were well worth the price. I've used your largest, XVR1064, kit on a ceiling that's 150 square feet--about 14 square meters--and matte black. (I actually enjoy being able to see them in the daytime.)

I invested in blackout shades and soundproof windows, and when I turn out the lights for sleep, a dense field of sharp, bright stars shimmers into being. There's nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night to find them still glowing brightly. It's pure magic. You sell a truly first-class product and I'm so glad I took the plunge. Best regards, Anne. Portland Oregon - USA

Marcel, I don't know how to begin to tell you how pleased I am with the XVR star kit. My mind is blown! The vision can only be described as phenomenal. It's like my daughters ceiling has come alive! I have nothing but great respect for your creative works and at some point I will have to buy the largest kit you have for my wife and I's room.

I have taken several pictures with my Nikon D3300 with a Rokinon 16mm f/2 lens at various exposure, aperture and ISO settings but nothing has recreated what my eyes see so I won't bother sending you any of my meagre attempts at capturing what is actually there (but I will continue to try) and I most certainly will not post any of my images online as none will do your work any justice! If by chance, I happen to come across a Nikon D810A or high end Canon equivalent in the future I will be sure to share my results with you. Thank you for what you are doing! Sincerely, Austin - United States

Hello Marcel! Yesterday I managed to find some time with my wife out of the house to install the stars. Surprisingly, it took about an hour and a half (including moving the furniture around) for two persons, I really didn't expect that. And the effect -wow. Your descriptions are real and accurate, and we were quite late in falling asleep, gazing at our ceiling! And now it's morning, and they're still lit up... Amazing. Have a great day, Themistocles - Greece

This is my second order, since I moved offices, I needed more! my acupuncture patients have come to LOVE THESE! many ask for the Star Room....thanks again! USA

Dear Marcel, I would just like to thank you for making these amazing star kits. They are worth every single penny! I had my 1st night last night sleeping under the stars. I'm absolutely amazed at how real they look, it does exactly what it says on the tube so to say. I will be buying another kit soon because I have to do my daughters room. Thanks for the bringing the outside in :) Don't ever stop making these! My daughter saw them for the 1st time last nite, I so wish I could of filmed her reaction, it brought tears to my eyes! Once again thank you so much and all the best for the future. Kind regards, Extremely happy customer, Louise - USA

Marcel, My stars are insane. Can't get over them. I knew they would be good, but I didn't imagine they'd be THIS AWESOME! It's like I have no roof. Best way to fall asleep every night. Truly a phenomenal product. Go you. Xxx - USA

Hey Marcel, I just wanted to give you some feedback on the kit I ordered. The stars look fantastic! They really give the impression of being outside and looking up at a star filled sky. My wife and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for making such a great product. Take care, Mike. - USA

Hey Marcel, I am writing you this email to thank you for the beautiful stars. You are a magician! This had always been my childhood dream and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. From the moment I received the package I know you are a man who takes so much pride in your work. It was labeled beautifully and well packaged. Not to mention the super fast delivery. I really wish you all the best in your work. And I will definitely recommend this to anyone who want to make their dreams come true. Please keep working your magic. Your fan from Singapore - Sabreena :)

Dear Marcel, I thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. When I had, originally, gone on the net to try to find what I was dreaming of, I didn't actually think I'd find it. I had the idea that I would like to fall to sleep under a night sky filled with the magic of all the stars I could possibly envision.

Similar to when I spent time on the top of a mountain on the northern part of Maine. A sky where you could imagine the endless possibilities of life. That was a big dream to go to search for on the net. Well, I am so very happy I found it! Thank you for being the artist that envisioned this first and then had the courage and fortitude to invent the product that would bring me and everyone else that beautiful night sky, right in our homes. It is just as easy as the video on Glowpatch site, to put the stars up on the ceiling and it is just as stunning as in your photo of a room with Glowpatch stars.

It's incredible that you thought the whole thing through so well, where there are different intensities of light and different sized stars and all. I did put blackout curtains behind my window shades so that I could get the darkest room possible and it made all the difference to do so. I will probably thank you every night as I go to sleep for a long time to come. Laurie - USA

Hello Marcel, I received the stars and I couldn't be happier. I'm amazed at the depth they create, and the creativity of them. Simply put: Each day I awake to see a white textured ceiling, and at night; I lay in an awing gaze at a galaxy of endless possibilities. Thank you. Nicholas - USA

Hi, Slept under the starry night yesterday! It was so realistic and mind blowing ! ! The effect was like sleeping under real stars. Thank you for making such awesome products! Regards. Aarti - India

Hi Marcel, ho installato le tue meravigliose stelle sul soffitto, l'effetto finale è veramente incredibile e realistico, il cielo sembra cambiare in continuazione e si rimane incantati ad osservare... Un grazie particolare per questo fantastico prodotto! Con i migliori saluti,Mauro

Google Translation for those of us that read English. Got to love Google :)

Hi Marcel, I installed your wonderful stars on the ceiling, the final effect is incredibly realistic, the sky seems to be changing all the time and you will be amazed to observe ... A special thanks to this amazing product! Best Regards, Mauro - Como, Italy

Hi Marcel, I just have to tell you that I am utterly amazed at how authentic our Glow Patch stars are. They are simply stunning and gorgeous. We only put them up today but I insisted my daughter drove over to see them too as the effect is way too awesome not to share. We found the stars easy to apply and it took my husband and son 3/4 hour working together.

When I walked my daughter out we looked up at the sky and honestly and truthfully, my bedroom ceiling looked just like the night sky. I found we have a bare patch so I will ask my husband to fill it in in the well recognized “saucepan” shape as we purposely saved some for this very purpose. We bought some pure sun block curtaining which we pushed flush against the window as we have a very bright security light just opposite us which made it hard to achieve the required level of darkness.

So, thank you so very much for this fabulous product which delivers all it's promises......well done, you should be proud of your work. Cheers, Jayne - Australia

Wow wow wow Marcel! I finished putting up the stars today and they were surprisingly easy to install! I expected them to look good but holy, they look amazing! You are one brilliant man, thank you so much! I'll be recommending you to everyone I know! Cheers, Mietta - USA

XVR-530 Star kits - Feb 2011 to Dec 2013

Marcel, It's been what, a year? I wanted to pass along a cute quote from my oldest (now 5, then 4). She asked: "why do my stars 'wink' at me?" I said: "because they love you..." She said: "ooooohhhhh....thank you daddy for putting stars that love me in my sky!" I said: "any time sweetheart." Best, Brian - USA

Just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful stars. I purchased a double set for my 3-year-old grandson for Christmas. My son-in-law spent 3 hours putting them up and when he was done texted me "totally awesome; what a great find." I stopped by tonight to see them and was just amazed how it looks just like you're sleeping under the stars. Now we all wish we had them for our room. They are beautiful! Debbie - USA

Hi Marcel, OH MY goodness! Just writing to say we put the stars up for the baby’s room last night and I was blown away with how effective they really are. His room was very dark and we lay on the floor in silence for many minutes just going “Wowwwwwww!!” So thank you and congratulations you have an amazing product and I look forward to using more of them. Kind regards, Fiona - Australia

I have been meaning to write you back after receiving your shipment. I have installed the stars and have enjoyed them for the last week. They are absolutely amazing! I have installed them in my bedroom and use incense and soundtracks of nature to create a virtual outdoor experience.

Thanks to your amazing work of art I have slept under the stars at the beach, in a forest, and a tropical jungle. All without leaving the comfort of my home. The experience is very realistic. Feel free to use any part of or all of this message as a customer testimonial. Thank you for creating such an incredible product! Sincerely, Corey - USA

Hi Marcel, We received the stars on Tuesday (very impressed with the quick freight - thanks!). Chris put them up last night - WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! They look absolutely AMAZING!!!!! It felt like we were outside looking up at the nights sky. We are both totally blown away. Thank you so, so much! I will be telling everyone I know about your website and get them to order some - they are simply exquisite! Thanks again Marcel! Cheers, Natalie - USA

Whats up Marcel!? Where do I start man!? I ordered the doubled-up kit since my ceiling is a little bigger than your average bedroom and like other customers stated in earlier reviews I was a little skeptical of my purchase when they arrived in the mail.

Installation was something I caught onto quickly a quarter of the way into the kit I was a pro at placing them on my ceiling. I have a cottage cheese type of ceiling pattern and they are INVISIBLE up there. Cant spot one at all! However when I first turned the lights off it visually sends you into a different dimension. It was simply breath taking.They create all the effects you stated in your descriptions, but you failed to mention that it would make everyone want to sleep in my apartment! Haha.

They are an incredible product and I will be happy to support you even more as I plan to purchase two more kits to do my whole pad. Thank you so much for your passion and hard work that you put into these truly magnificent star ceilings! Andrew - USA

Hi Marcel, I received the stars on Tuesday, really fast shipping! Thank you. I put the stars up and cannot be happier. The illusion is uncanny! I literally feel as if I'm going to float off the bed and out to space. It's the strangest feeling. Really remarkable product. So happy. Warm regards. Stephen - USA

Hi Marcel, Received and installed and they are breathtaking. I expected them to be good ... but they're actually unbelievable! Very realistic and can't stop staring at them. Feels like the room has no ceiling. Beautiful! Love your product! Bill - USA

Hi Marcel, I have finally finished the room. I had no trouble putting the stars on, I can't believe how easy it all was. Tonight was the first night we got to experience the night sky. It truly is amazing! Although the room is not totally blocked from light as yet (only a blind, some block outs to go over the top) we got an amazing display. Thank you for your fantastic creation. Kind Regards, Maxine - USA

Please don't ever stop making these, they are incredible. I wasn't really sure what to expect, too good to be true type thing but they are amazing. I actually sleep better because I don't watch TV before bed anymore, play with my iphone, I just look at my ceiling and it is so relaxing. I really appreciate your work on these, from the variations in light, color, size I know you must of done so much work to accomplish these. Also the fact that you can't even see them during the day is crazy! It's really a magical product so again please don't ever stop making them. :) Sincerely, Victoria - USA

Hi Marcel, We received our XVR stars yesterday and I put them up today. WOW what a difference these have made to our twin sons bedroom. An absolutely stunning transformation that words cannot describe. Our two little boys just sat there and stared at their ceiling for what seemed an eternity. I am so pleased with this product I will definitely be getting some more for myself and for gifts for the rest of my family. An awesome product that will keep anyone who sees the effect, mesmerised for hours on end. Thanks heaps, Steven - Australia

Marcel, I have to tell you that your stars are amazing - I bought these to create a special gift for my girl friend and we are both amazed at how realistic the effects are. The constellations are visible almost immediately and then as your eyes adjust to the dark the "sky" lights up. You should be very proud of the work that you do - You have a great product and I am telling everyone that I know about it. Jim - USA

Hi Marcel, Just want to thank you for inventing these stars! They are unique. My daughter is due in three weeks so I wanted them up and ready for my 1st grandchild. It did take longer than 90 mins but I got the complete knack near the end! What a wonderful sight..my daughter & I lay on the bed & watched the event unfold. I am sure friends of my daughters will be placing orders... I will be telling everyone about them and if you have any magic or fantasy in your soul people ..you will love them. Thanks again Cheryl - USA

Hi Marcel, Just an update on the stars. OMG!!! They are more than AWESOME. My grandson loves them--I didn't want to leave his room tonight. I felt as if we were outside under the stars--good thing we weren't though because we just had a mini N'easter and a new batch of snow. The stars are just as, if not more, than you promised. Some of them appear to be twinkling. My granson's night sky is absolutely magnificent. Being from New England, some of the kids would say "wicked awesome", but I will say magnificent. Thank you so much. I will soon be ordering at least two more sets. Best Regards, Donna - USA

Dear Marcel, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the star ceiling. I installed the stars in my sons space themed bedroom and only used 1/3 of the pack. The effect is awesome. I am sometimes sceptical of reviews but this is one of the best products I have purchased for ages. Delivery was prompt even though you are on the other side of the world. A truly brilliant product and fantastic service. I would highly recommend this product and your company. Andy - UK

Hi Marcel, I finally put these up last night in my daughters room. I'll be honest and say when I ordered these stars I was expecting them not to live up to the comments you have on your web site, as I found it hard to believe that small dots containing glow pigments could give a realistic "twinkling" effect. Even as I was applying them to the ceiling, I was sceptical. I have to say though, they blew me away. I still cannot believe how realistic they look, they completely exceeded any expectation I had. Aaron - Australia

Hello, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your star ceiling kit. My husband got it for me for Christmas and we put the stars up yesterday. When I turned off the lights last night, I was a bit worried. The stars are so small and our ceiling is vaulted and very very high so I just wasn’t sure how it would look. I was stunned. I had to wake my husband to see it. It is literally as if you removed our roof and had a very dark and cloudless sky. I am an amateur astronomer who has loved looking at the night sky as long as I can remember. I have put up glow-in-the-dark star stickers and painstakingly replicated star maps on ceilings in apartments I’ve had but never had anything come close to this. I am thrilled. Even my skeptical husband who isn’t easily impressed could not believe it.

For anyone out there who may be considering this, it is well worth it. Follow the directions. We have a very large (18 x 15 ft) vaulted and very high ceiling (18 ft at the peak) and used 2 kits and a very tall ladder. Just lay out an imaginary grid and start placing them. It’s easy to do once you get the hang of it and be prepared with a flashlight to find the ones you drop. Your thumb might get a bit sore from pressing them to the ceiling but I have a feeling we were a bit overzealous with pushing them on. Then, wait for dark and you will get the best night sky you can imagine. Thank you so so much. I am so happy. It is truly as amazing as it looks and is described on your website. Jeanelle - USA

Dear Marcel: Thanks for creating such an amazing product. You actually exceeded my expectations. I have a long background in astronomy which really makes me appreciate what you have been able to do. I haven't seen anything else that even comes close. I was also very impressed with your prompt service and for taking the time to answer my questions by e-mail. I plan to purchase more stars soon and give them as a truly unique gift to family and friends. Dave in Montreal - Canada

Marcel, I got my kit and put it up Saturday - I could hardly wait until nighttime. Worth the wait!!! Coolest effect I've ever seen! Looked like even more stars than I put up. And so much like a real night sky. sometimes when you look at a star it disappears as you look straight at it and reappears in your peripheral vision - like the real thing The depth is amazing! Great for calming the mind and meditation Thank you for this product! Has anyone ever put it all around walls and floor also? It might be like outer space! Of course, you'd need an empty room or closet... and a hammock! Thank you! Barb - USA

Hi Marcel, I have been meaning to get back to you for a while. Everything worked out great! I followed your instructions for the constellations, and kept them widely spaced apart. My sons room looks super cool - just like you said - as if someone cut the roof off. The only thing missing were the crickets, and so I have now added them to with one of those night time noisemakers. Your product is fantastic! Best regards, Mike - USA

I just left you positive feedback, I did now because we just put the stars up last night. THEY ARE TRULY AMAZING! Thank you for making these and for sharing them with us! I want to put these in every room in the house! I will be buying more!! .... it's a wonderful thing to have my boys wanting to go to bed!! Wayne - Australia

Hello Marcel, Sorry for just getting back to you! Bermuda just went through a busy Hurricane Season, thank God no major damage or lost of life. Well I received my kits and you are right! My bedroom ceiling is out of this world. Amazing!! You are a genius! I have friends and family gasping at stars and wanting me to do theirs!! Wow. So I will be in touch soon to place my next order! Thanks again! Kind Regards, Wayne - Bermuda

Marcel, I just wanted to say "thanks" for your fantastic product. It was a birthday gift to my 5 year old and every night we all (Mum, Dad & 2 little boys all lie down on the floor looking up at the stars). I just can't believe how "life like" they look and my kids can't believe their mum has been able to create this in their room (they are just amazed). It is the most wonderful family present ! Thanks a million and all the best with your business. Gwen - Australia

I have many more comments for early star versions that I will add to this page when I get the time.