Star Constellations for the XVR Star Ceilings

Image showing how you can fit star constellations to a regular ceiling.Image showing how you can add astronomically correct constellations to the random stars and enjoy the mot amazing star ceiling!

This page is about astronomically correct constellations that work with my XVR random stars and how to set them up. I will not be giving any details here about what my random stars consist off or going into how and why my star ceiling art works so before making a purchase you should read the full description for my XVR star ceiling.

Astronomically Correct Constellation Stars

If you love astronomy and star gazing and the idea of having a super realistic star ceiling then you may also want star constellations within that star ceiling. You can see in the above image that this bedroom ceiling not only has random stars but also the Aries, Monoceros and Canis_Major star constellations set up astronomically correct. This set up is not normally a simple task but with the creation of my Glowpatch projection templates you can set up this amazing night sky without having to map out or guess your star positions making it fast, easy and accurate.

Star Constellation Projection Templates

Andromeda Constellation
Andromeda star constellation template.
Aquarius Constellation
Aquarius star constellation template.
Aquila Constellation
Aquila star constellation template.
Aries Constellation
Aries star constellation template.
Cancer Constellation
Cancer star constellation template.
Canis Major Constellation
Canis Major star constellation template.
Cassiopeia Constellation
Cassiopeia star constellation template.
Corona Boraelis Constellation
Corona Boraelis star constellation template.
Crux Constellation
Crux star constellation template.
Gemini Constellation
Gemini star constellation template.
Leo Constellation
Leo star constellation template.
Libra Constellation
Libra star constellation template.
The Little Dipper
The little dipper star template.
Lupus Constellation
Lupus star constellation template.
Monoceros Constellation
Monoceros star constellation template.
Orion Constellation
Orion star constellation template.
Phoenix Constellation
Phoenix star constellation template.
Pisces Constellation
Pisces star constellation template.
Sagittarius Constellation
Sagittarius star constellation template.
Scorpius Constellation
Scorpius star constellation template.
Taurus Constellation
Taurus star constellation template.
The Big Dipper
The big dipper star template.

Choose your prefered constellations from the above selection and let me know which ones you have chosen after you have ordered. All I need is the template numbers for example: C10, C14, C17.

Star Constellation Instructions

  1. Your room must be DARK. The XVR stars are affected by interfering light just as with the stars in the true night sky. To ensure you have a perfect night sky effect in your room the stars must have darkness and the more light you have the less effect you will get.

  2. You should always setup your constellations first and allocate a 3SQM or 33SQ. Ft area for any given constellation. Any remaining super bright stars that you do not use for the constellation and the 6 blue giants need to go randomly within the same area but place these stars in a way that does not make your constellation hard to identify.

  3. You will need your constellation templates and one person to help you with a torch. The torch needs to have a wide beam as shown in Fig-1 below because a narrow or spot beam will not transfer a useable shadow image.

    The person holding the torch and template can use the back of a chair to help steady their hands but it's not critical. This person should hold the torch at a distance from the template that will give a constellation projection width of at least one metre (3 feet) or larger as seen in Fig-1. To vary the size of the shadow image you are projecting simply move the torch closer or further to the template. This projection should be somewhat central of your allocated 3SQM area.

  4. Once your helper is projecting the image in the correct ceiling position place orange markers inside the small projected circles, red markers inside the the medium circles and blue markers inside the large circles. To make it fast you should also have the markers ready to grab from your fingers as I show in Fig-2 below.

  5. You will be able to place almost any star constellation in around a minute. The person holding the template should concentrate on keeping the shadow image fairly steady for this time and don't worry it's very easy to stop at any point and then re-align the shadow to match the markers that you have already fitted. Do the same until you have all of your constellation markers fitted.

    There are 7 super bright/constellation stars that come with each micro star strip. You must not make more than one constellation for every 6 star strips purchased. This is simply because you need some random super bright stars within the star ceiling area created using the 6 star strips as they are critical to the night sky effect. You can see from the image below with any 6 star strips purchased you will get 6 of these 7 star super brights which can be used fully random or split with a constellation.
Image showing how to project your favorite star constellation layout to the ceiling or wall.Image showing the markers used to position each constellation star.
Image showing how to project your favorite star constellation layout to the ceiling or wall.