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Star Constellations for the XVR Star Ceiling Kits

    Star ceiling constellations set up on a bedroom ceiling    
    Please note: The star ceiling room on the right is lit only to show the bedroom but in reality your room must be dark.    

If you are wanting to set up not only a realistic night sky but also one that has astronomically correct constellations then you will find constellations here that work with my XVR random star kits . I will not be giving any details about what my random star kits consist off or going into how and why my star ceiling art works so before making a purchase you should read the description for my XVR star ceiling. This page is only about the constellation side of the star ceiling that you will create and the instructions on how to fit them.


Astronomically Correct Constellation Stars

If you love astronomy and star gazing and the idea of having a super realistic star ceiling then you may also want star constellations within that star ceiling. You can see in the above image that this bedroom ceiling not only has random stars but also the Aries, Monoceros and Canis_Major star constellations set up astronomically correct. This set up is not normally a simple task but with the creation of my Glowpatch projection templates you can set up this amazing night sky without having to map out or guess your star positions making it fast, easy and accurate.

Star Constellation Projection Templates

Andromeda Constellation Aquila Constellation
(The Eagle)
Aries Constellation
(The Ram)
Star ceiling constellation template andromeda Star ceiling constellation template aquila Star ceiling constellation template aries
Canis Major Constellation
(The Greater Dog)
Cassiopeia Constellation
(The lady in the chair)
Corona Boraelis Constellation
(Northern Crown)
Star ceiling constellation template canis major Star ceiling constellation template cassiopeia Star ceiling constellation template corona boraelis
Crux Constellation
(The Southern Cross)
Gemini Constellation
(The Twins)
Leo Constellation
(The Lion)
Star ceiling constellation template southern cross Star ceiling constellation template gemini Star ceiling constellation template leo

The Little Dipper
(Within the Ursa Minor Constellation)

Lupus Constellation
(The Wolf)
Monoceros Constellation
(The Unicorn)
Star ceiling constellation template little dipper Star ceiling constellation template lupus Star ceiling constellation template monoceros
Phoenix Constellation
(The mythical bird)
The Big Dipper
(Within the Ursa Major Constellation)
Scorpius Constellation
(The Scorpion)
Star ceiling constellation template phoenix Star ceiling constellation template big dipper Star Ceiling Scorpius Constellation
Taurus Constellation
(The Bull)
Orion Constellation
(The Hunter)
Virgo Constellation
(The Maiden)
Star ceiling constellation template Taurus Star ceiling constellation Map Orion Virgo Constellation, The Maiden

To order your constellations you will need to choose 3 templates that work with the XVR-532, 4 templates for each XVR-776 or 6 templates for each XVR-1064 from the above selection.

I will be adding a few more star constellations to this list so if you want one that is not here let me know and if it's suited to my ceiling art I will add it. Some constellations are not suited simply because they contain to many stars and will interfere with rest of the star ceiling or the star positions are not suited to a template configuration.


* The star constellation kit will consist of the star templates you have chosen and the corresponding amount of stars needed to complete the constellations. This part of the kit will not give you a star ceiling just the constellations within the star ceiling.

These constellation kits can only be purchased with their matching XVR random star kits.
    Important: You must contact me after placing your order if it contains constellations and let me know which constellations you have chosen from the above selection. For example: C10, C14, C17. Your order will not be confirmed or processed until I receive this information.    
3 Constellations that work with the XVR-532 Star Kit $44.00AUDea
4 Constellations that work with the XVR-776 Star Kit $49.00AUDea
6 Constellations that work with the XVR-1064 Star Kit $57.00AUDea
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Star Constellation Instructions

It is very important that you fit your constellation stars before fitting the XVR random stars, this is so you can keep a distance of at least 300mm or 1foot between any constellation stars and the random super bright stars. You should also leave your ceiling markers on until you have finished your full install. It can also be helpful to take the markers off a few days after viewing your star ceiling as they will help you with learning the order of your particular constellations.
    Image showing how to project a star ceiling constellation on your ceiling    

You will need your constellation templates and one person to help you with a torch. The torch needs to have a wide beam as shown in this picture as a narrow or spot beam will not transfer a useable shadow image.

The person holding the torch and template can use the back of a chair to help steady their hands but it's not critical. This person should hold the torch at a distance from the template that will give a minimum constellation projection of around 1 metre/3 feet in length or larger as seen here in the above image. To vary the size of the shadow image move the torch closer or further to the template until you have a suitable projection size. The torch beam should hit the printed side of the projection template.

    Star ceiling constellation markers ready to place over your projected image    

Once your helper is projecting the image you can place the correct colour marker in each position and it's a good idea to have the amount and colour you need ready to grab from your hand as seen here. Place orange markers over the small holes, red markers over the medium holes and blue markers over the large holes.

You will be able to place almost any star constellation in around a minute. The person holding the template should concentrate on keeping the shadow image fairly steady for this time and don't worry it's very easy to stop at any point and then re-align the shadow to match the markers that you have already fitted. Do the same until you have the markers of all your constellations fitted. Also make sure they have separation don't have each constellation butting up to the next or it will make it harder to spot the stars within a given constellation.

    An image showing which star to take when setting up constellation stars.    

Once the markers are in position you can simply take the corresponding star from the set and place it within the marker. Take stars from the strips that match the colour of the marker you are fitting, so if it's a blue marker take any star from the strip that is next to the blue rectangle and the same for the red and orange markers. That's it, when you have fitted your stars you will have star constellations placed in an astronomically correct position and without the tedious process of trying to map out your ceiling. Remember it is very important to have each star constellation spread over at least a 1 metre or 3 foot area and not closer.

Image showing glowpatch glow in the dark stars making a star ceiling with constellations
The rectangles you see in this image will not be on your ceiling they are just shown here to illustrate where the constellation stars are placed or you would have a hard time trying to spot them within the random stars.

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