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Glow in the Dark Stars - Micro Stars 357


I have designed my GITDS-357 star kit for people that want to setup great glow in the dark stars in a nursery or young child's ceiling or wall but are not concerned with having the same super high realism and depth to the night sky that the XVR will produce. These new glow in the dark stars are very simple and fast to setup and you will find Cart options and instructions lower down on this page.


GITDS-357 - Micro Stars Overview

* Movement effect, some of the stars in your night sky will have movement from the first few minutes right through the night.
* Based on my proven XVR star ceiling technology with several thousand star ceilings set up around the world since 2009.
* 6 different intensity levels and sub levels between stars in each kit and all hand made with self adhesive bases making these glow in the dark stars very simple and easy to install with no need for putties or glue.
* These bedroom glow stars will glow all night every night for decades and will charge fast from afternoon daylight or from almost any type of room light in around 15 minutes.
* Unlike fibre optics there is no need for ceiling excess, no cables to run, no power supplies to install and no holes to drill.
* Completely safe glow in the dark composition, Zero VOC, non radio active and non toxic making them perfect for all bedrooms whether for a child's star ceiling or a nursery star ceiling or even for an adult.
* Great gift for any person at any age!
    To compare my stars to bulky plastic stars or glow vinyl circles that they call stars on my percentage rating I would give them both a zero against achieving realism of any kind and this is easy to see from the following images.    

Glow in the Dark Stars - GITDS-357 Micro Stars

My latest glow in the dark stars with multi level variation and ease of setup.   My glow in the dark stars will give you variation on your ceiling from low brightness stars to super bright stars and even movement. I create this variation by controlling the colour, mass and intensity of each glow in the dark star as I hand make it and as with the XVR this result is not achievable with other types of mass produced products.

Glow in the Dark Stars - Stickers

Glow in the dark stars made from cut glow vinyl.   You can see what happens when you remove the critical variation of your glow in the dark stars. These stars are simply cut by using a vinyl cutter to cut circles or shapes from a sheet of glow vinyl. This method is quick and cheap and will produce the look of glowing dots with no realism as a star ceiling and is more like having glowing confetti on your ceiling.

Glow in the Dark Stars - Bulky Stars

Glow in the dark stars made from injection moulded plastic.   These bulky glow in the dark stars are injection moulded plastic and as with the stickers they have no variation and also no realism. I think they at least have a style about them and for the few dollars you will pay for a pack they offer there own unique look. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

You can also get painted glow in the dark stars on your ceiling by an artist however aside of the high cost by it's very nature painted stars will die off very quickly and you will not have the longevity or intensity range that you will get with my glow in the darks. The reason for this is very simple, painting a glow in the dark star as an individual dot or trying to flick glow paint on your ceiling to get multiple glow in the dark stars in one shot will give you stars without any pigment mass.

Why will this matter?

In order for each individual glow in the dark star to perform at a certain glow level and for a given amount of time it needs to have a certain level of glow in the dark pigment loading. The required loading above a certain level of brightness is simply not achievable by using a painting method. My glow in the dark stars have the controlled pigment mass (per star) that is needed to achieve the varied intensities in creating a night sky effect.


GITDS-357 Micro Stars

357 glow in the dark stars with 6 intensity levels and movement stars, create a great night sky with very little effort or time! Setup area 7sqm or 75sq ft for each glow patch and an average set up time of around 60 minutes.

Glow in the dark stars, create a stunning night sky in any dark bedroom or nursery.

You will need to contact me and go on a waiting list for this product as I do not have the time to keep stock. This waiting list does not apply to the XVR star kits but if you order this product with the XVR stars you will have to go on the list.


GITDS-357 Micro Stars $69.00 AUDea
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Star Ceiling Instructions - GITDS-357

1 Make sure your ceiling or wall is clean, dry and dust free before you place your stars or you will end up with some falling stars : )
2 Take stars from the glow patch only in the direction shown. Once you have taken a star it does not have to be placed in the same order on your ceiling it can go anywhere. Never touch the adhesive side of the stars with your finger.
3 To take a star from the set you can use the tip of a box cutter blade (See pictures below & Video) this method will give you full control. If you want you can make the blade blunt before using it with a file or sandpaper as it's not important to have a sharp blade. You can also use your finger nail in place of the blade but it will be much slower.
Place your thumb behind the next star in line and bring the blade to the opposite side then gently lift.   The star will now be sitting on the end of the blade ready to place on the ceiling.
Glow in the dark star instructions-1   Glow in the dark star instructions-2
Rotate the star towards the ceiling and then place, push it on the ceiling with your thumb or finger for half a second to activate the adhesive.   The star is now fitted and it will build it's bond to the ceiling over the next few days.
4 Micro star separation. Each row of 15 stars taken in the direction of the arrows should be spread over an area of around 3 square feet and the full amount of rows should be spread over a total area of around 70 sq ft or 7sqm. That's all there is too it so don’t over think it, you simply need to end up with a scattering of these stars that makes no sense and is fully random over the area the glow patch was designed for which is a maximum of 7sqm or 75sq ft.
  Important: Room darkness is critical to a perfect effect. The GITDS-357 stars are affected by interfering light just as with the stars in the true night sky. If there is a full moon the moonlight will drown out the real stars as do the City lights and the same applies with these glow in the dark stars. In order for the stars to create their correct night sky effect in your room they must have darkness. Also you cannot just tape the glow patch to the ceiling and think you will see stars they must be fully separated to around 6 or 7sqm per patch before they can work as designed.

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