About Glow in the Dark Stars

My XVR series glow in the dark stars create the most realistic night sky you are ever going to see indoors. This result is only acheivable because I hand make my stars and the effect is far beyond the cheap and basic online glow in the dark stars they call realistic.

The most advanced glow in the dark stars in the world for setting up a star ceiling.

Glow in the Dark Stars - XVR Gen IV

My latest XVR version is not only the most realistic but also has the highest variation, animation and intensity range unmatched by any other glow in the dark stars available anywhere in the world. I create this variation by controlling the colour, mass and intensity of each glow in the dark star as I hand make it and this result is not possible with the other types of mass produced products as seen below.

Basic star stickers cut from glow in the dark vinyl that look like glow confetti not stars.

Glow in the Dark Stars - Stickers

You can see what happens when you remove the critical variation from the glow in the dark stars. These sticker stars are simply cut by using a vinyl cutter to cut circles or shapes from a sheet of glow vinyl. This method is quick and cheap and will produce the look of glowing dots with no realism as a star ceiling and is more like having glowing confetti on your ceiling. The more you add the worse they look because you are just repeating with low to zero variation.

Bulky injection moulded stars that do not provide any realism as a star ceiling.

Glow in the Dark Stars - Bulky Stars

These bulky glow in the dark stars are injection moulded plastic and as with the stickers they have no variation and also no realism. I think they at least have a style about them and for the few dollars you will pay for a pack they offer there own unique look. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and again the more of these blocky things you fit the worse they look.


You can also get painted glow in the dark stars on your ceiling by an artist however aside of the high cost by it's very nature painted stars will die off very quickly and you will not have the longevity or intensity range that you will get with my high end glow in the dark stars. The reason for this is very simple, painting a glow in the dark star as an individual dot will give you a star without any pigment mass.

Why will this matter?

In order for each individual glow in the dark star to perform at a certain glow level and for a given amount of time it needs to have a certain level of glow in the dark pigment loading. The required loading above a certain level of brightness is simply not achievable by using a painting method. My glow in the dark stars have the controlled pigment mass (per star) that is needed to create a perfect night sky effect that will perform for the entire night.

An image of my early glow paint stars on canvas that look great but fade quick.

My Early Painted Stars

This is a photograph of my early glow paint stars that I was working on back in mid 2000. The effect does not last and this was one of the main reasons I attempted to design a better version of my night sky art back at that time. It did have an awesome star effect for around 30 or 40 minutes but even in that time the effect would fade while viewing. It was also not possible to acheive a super bright star level with the glow paint.

An image showing the powerful aura that my new GEN III micro stars create.

Hand Crafted Glow in the Dark Stars for Performance

You can see the super tiny size of my hand crafted glow in the dark stars with this L2 and L5 micro star glowing away on my finger tips and the magnificent aura that the new GEN IV stars will produce. These stars not only have the capacity to produce a perfect night sky with full variation and intensities but no matter when you may wake during the night the stars will always be shinning perfectly!