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Star Ceiling Photographs


My latest star ceiling picture below has been taken using this new Sony a7s. As impressive as this camera is in low light it still does not have what it takes to portray an image representing what your eyes would see in a dark room. Also the planets and stars give off a whitish light in reality but the colour is more defined in the photo because I had everything supercharged with a 365nm UV black light a few seconds before shooting.

An image of my latest Sony a7s digital SLR used to take the below planets and stars image.
Photograph of a randomly placed XVR star ceiling kit with 3 planets and flare star over a full small ceiling, 8sqm or 84 sq ft.
My latest planets and stars ceiling photograph showing a full small ceiling transformed into an amazing night sky!

The next pictures have been taken using my older Canon 5D MKii DSLR set at f/2.8, 6400 iso, bulb setting and 75 seconds exposure. The lens used is a Tokina AT-X 16~28mm F2.8 Pro FX wide angle normally used for low light landscape photography however by it's nature is ideal in capturing the full small star ceiling in a very confined space.

A picture of the camera I used to take these star ceiling images
This photograph is of a randomly placed XVR star ceiling kit over the full small ceiling, 8sqm or 84 sq ft.
Star ceiling image taken with a Canon 5D MKii
This photograph shows the same ceiling fitted with 1/3 of an XVR star ceiling kit. You can just make out the light fitting in the centre of the above image however you would not see this in your dark room with your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Also worth noting is that the room is actually very dark in all three photographs it's simply the camera's high sensitivity to light that makes the room look lit up with bright light.
Star ceiling photograph
Many customers have tried to photograph their Glowpatch star ceiling only to find the image looks nothing like what they see with their own eyes. To this end I have taken a photograph of the same star ceiling room that you see in the above two photo's but with a Nikon D60 set to the best low light settings it has.

So take a look at the result, the same stars on the same ceiling with the same amount of light in the room and yet not only are the stars lifeless but the room is not even visible. So unless you have a camera with the capability to take extremely low light images you are going to end up with something similar to this. This type of poor quality photograph is the most common being taken by many customers and does zero in representing the product for what it actually does.


This can also be seen in the following customer photo's which just like my photo's will never be able to show the actual star effect you would see with your own eyes in a dark room. The super faint stars, the star movement, the light aura and the 3d effect that the stars create is never captured with a camera. These features are what makes the XVR star ceiling what it is and it's something a camera and computer screen will never be able to show.

This first customer photo is of my previous version XVR-530 star kit on a fairly small ceiling of around 90 square feet, Well done Brian!


A customer star ceiling photogragh



I was a bit skeptical after I received the package last month. Finally installed them as instructed. Very impressed. I used 2 kits for a 14x15 foot bedroom. I have enclosed copies of the pictures. Do you have a Facebook page or a area I can show pictures of my daughter's room?

I shot the pictures with a nikon D600 and tripod on the floor with a 24mm lens shot at F2.8 ISO 6400 with a 2 second exposure.

My wife was worried that we would see a thousand bumps on a smooth ceiling. She loves the fact that these are very low profile. Very hard to pick out on the ceiling with the lights on. The blue giants are the only barely visible ones because of the size. I made a grid with painters tape on my ceiling and followed the directions. It took a total of 3 hrs for a 14x15 bedroom. (XVR-530 Twin Pack)

Looks great, over all very happy with the ease of installation and use. (The ceiling fan is the dark spot in the center, I should have filled a little closer to it). Thanks again for your help.




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