Star Ceiling Photographs

This page is for photographs I take or a customer takes of the micro stars but up to this point (September 2015) it has not been possible to capture a single image that will portray what your eyes will actually see. The following photo's are simply the best of a bad bunch :)

Glow in the Dark Stars an Image of my current XVR star ceiling photographed with the Sony a7s in raw format.

GEN IV XVR Stars Photographed with Sony a7s in RAW Format

This first star ceiling picture shows the XVR stars setup at a density of 16 star strips over an 8sqm ceiling area and shot in RAW format. As normal the stars simply don't photograph anything close to the stunning effect your eyes would see in a dark room but for the moment this is the best photo I can take. Also the camera is not able to pickup the depth stars or the star animation both of which make the XVR star ceiling into what it is and again this will only be seen with your eyes in a dark room.
Glow stars for ceilings an Image of my XVR star ceiling photographed with the Sony a7s in jpg format.

GEN III XVR Stars Photographed with Sony a7s in JPG Format

This next star ceiling picture was taken in jpg format and high ISO and the star density is similar but this a smaller section of test ceiling. The super brights from the GEN III stars did have a powerful glow but the overall star balance was not in sync like the current stars.
Closeup image of a few XVR ceiling stars setup on a white panel.

GEN III XVR Ceiling Stars Closeup

I had also taken this closeup photograph of the GEN III stars so you can see close detail of the stars as they do their thing. You can see a large image of this closeup Here.

Image of my older XVR-532 star ceiling kit fitted to a bedroom ceiling.

GEN II XVR Stars Shot with Cannon 5D MKII

This picture was taken using my older Canon 5D MKii DSLR set at f/2.8, 6400 iso, bulb setting and 75 seconds exposure. The lens used is a Tokina AT-X 16~28mm F2.8 Pro FX wide angle normally used for low light landscape photography however by it's nature is ideal in capturing the full small star ceiling in a very confined space.


Early XVR-530 Stars Shot with older Nikon D60

Many customers have tried to photograph their Glowpatch star ceiling only to find the image looks nothing like what they see with their own eyes. I had taken this photograph of my early XVR version stars a few years back with a Nikon D60 and the result was rather lousy. This type of poor quality photograph is the most common being taken by many customers and does zero in representing the product for what it actually does.

Customer photograph of glowpatch  stars.

Early XVR-530 Customer Photo

Customer photo of my first XVR star kit version the XVR-530 on a fairly small ceiling of around 90 square feet, Well done Brian!