Setting up the XVR Star Field

The fourth generation XVR glow in the dark stars are now setup in a way that gives you a perfect star ceiling without having to be creative with the star placement. It is important however to understand that the stars from each XVR star strip are designed to work perfect within a certain ceiling area so keep within the range as described next for best results.

Each star kit has a minimum and maximum star ceiling setup area as shown on the online order page. This means that the stars from each strip should be separated out to a minimum half square metre area or more. Half square metre think an average 700mm square or 30 inches square per strip.

The XVR-557 constellation star kit should be used over an area of 8 to 10 square metres or 80 to 100 square feet. For these stars you want to average a slightly larger area per strip as you want to limit the overall amount of stars to allow for the added light from the constellation stars. Think an average 850mm square or 34 inches square per strip.

There is no risk spreading the stars out even more than their maximum area but you will continue to lower the star density and depth the more you thin out the stars. Packing the stars into a smaller area than the minimum is not recommended as the brighter stars will start to cancel out the faint stars which are critical to the star ceiling animation.

When you have your stars if you are not pressed for time create your initial star field with less stars and then add to the star field after viewing in the dark. If you do this make sure you view in the dark for at least 15 minutes as you will not see many of the faint/movement stars at first and may add to the star field in area's that don't require additional stars.
After many emails about constellation stars I have setup the 557 star kit so customers can now add a couple of constellations within each full small ceiling area. The room should be as dark as possible which in turn defines the faint stars and they are the stars that provide most of the animation. Constellation stars need to be bright which goes against this so I have adjusted the overall quantity of stars to allow for the few constellation stars without reducing effect. You should have at least 8sqm or 80sq. ft. of star ceiling area for each 557 star kit and need to get the room as dark as you can from all other light.