Star Ceilings - XVR - Create the Ultimate Star Ceiling

Image showing how you can transform a plain ceiling into the most incredible night sky!Create the most amazing star ceiling with these super realistic XVR glow in the dark stars!

Hi, If you have been searching the web for glow in the dark stars to set up a star ceiling then you have found the right place and you will see very quickly that my unique and hand made star ceiling art is nothing like what you have seen until now. My XVR is a work of passion and dedication and now the XVR GEN II stars have been replaced with the next generation in the XVR series the most advanced bedroom stars in the world just got better!

Star ceiling products have built a reputation of being very cheesy and meant for 2 year olds and the stuff is everywhere and if you are an adult you don't want cheesy you want realistic and stunning a truly brilliant night sky. Glowpatch star ceilings have been refined over more than a decade and are crushing that bad reputation by giving you the ability to create the Ultimate Star Ceiling!

XVR Generation III - Star Ceiling Overview

An image of my latest star ceiling product the XVR GEN III star strips. Powerfull glow in the dark stars that create super realism!

Star Ceiling - Super simple set up

Image one showing how easy these glow in the dark stars are to install.Image two showing the simple placement of each glow in the dark star.
XVR display image-1
XVR display image-2
Image of the XVR star ceiling panel showing the intensity range in each star ceiling strip and the reason you would get super high realism in your star ceiling.

Why my star ceilings work

If you are to look at the stars in the real night sky you will see variation the real stars do not all look the same in size or intensity. So if you want to recreate the same look on your ceiling you will need a product that will supply this variation. The star intensity panel shows the different glow strengths that you will receive with my new XVR series ceiling stars.

From the 8 micro star levels to the blue giants each of these new glow in the dark star strips that you receive with each star kit will contain the full intensity range required to easily setup and replicate the true night sky. This star variation has also been increased further by the new high movement stars which will give your star ceiling a higher level of animation than ever before.

It is also critical that your ceiling looks black even if it's white to give you the illusion of deep black space. These new stars will provide that critical black ceiling effect giving your star ceiling super high realism. Have this amazing and relaxing work of art on your ceiling and enjoy sleeping under the stars!

Unique Glow in the Dark Star Concept

Time lapse photograph of a blue giant and L7 micro star as well as a magnification so you can easily see the fully moulded shape but in reality these glow stars are very very small. Each of these tiny mouldings is it's own glow in the dark light source that requires no batteries or power supplies and because this energy is defined by each individual star it gives the stars the capacity to produce an awesome star ceiling effect that will shine all night and with zero maintanence.

Glowpatch glow in the dark blue giant and L7 micro star closeup.Magnification of a glowpatch glow in the dark star.
A picture of me in the process of hand making my star ceiling art.

Hands on Production Process

My latest GEN III version glow in the dark stars are still fully hand crafted just as they have been since 2009. This is not a mass production process it is something that takes time to produce but controlling the pigment loading and intensity of each star is the only way to achieve true realism. This is also one of the reasons that cheap mass produced bulky or sticker stars or even using glow paint will never be able to come close to this same result. You can see my star info page Here for more detail about this.

A comment from one of my customers that sums up my star ceiling

No matter how many pictures you look at... you will never be able to appreciate how amazing these stars look. The stars on the ceiling in our daughters bedroom don't just look like little lights... the ceiling is transformed into a night sky with depth and distance... amazing simply amazing!

Star Ceiling Instructions - XVR Star Strips

Image one showing the simple method of taking these tiny glow in the dark stars.Image two showing how to transfer these high end stars to the ceiling with very little effort.
  1. Your room should be DARK. The XVR stars are affected by interfering light just as with the stars in the true night sky. Also if you want full effect you will need to charge your stars correctly see XVR Charging about this.

  2. Make sure your ceiling or wall is clean, dry and dust free before you place your stars or you will end up with some falling stars : )

  3. Only take stars from the strips in the direction of the arrow on the strip. Once you have taken a star it does not have to be placed in the same order on your ceiling it can and should go anywhere. Never touch the adhesive side of the stars with your finger.

  4. To take a star you can use the tip of a box cutter blade (See pictures above & Video) this method will give you full control. The blade does not need to be sharp but even if it is there is no pressure required to remove the stars from the new strips just a gentle nudge and you can lift each star away. You should use a small box cutter as shown in the above image or even an exacto knife or small craft knife just as long as it has a thin blade it will work just fine.

  5. The best way to install the stars is to fit and view. Start by fitting a few of the stars then view the result for a few minutes in the dark before going any further. Once you have viewed in the dark you will have a much greater understanding of just how simple this is and you can continue to add more stars.

    If you have not already done so you should read my article Here on setting up a star ceiling as this will give you a better understanding of star density and how to setup your own perfect night sky. Fit a few stars, view in the dark room for a few minutes, fit a few more - super simple!