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Star Ceilings - XVR - Create the Ultimate Star Ceiling

  Star ceiling image of my XVR-530 glow in the dark stars  
  Please note: The star ceiling room on the right is lit only to show the bedroom but in reality your room must be dark.  

Hi, if you have been looking around the net for glow in the dark stars to set up a star ceiling then you have found the right place. You will see very quickly that my unique and hand made star ceiling art is nothing like what you have seen until now. My XVR is a work of passion and dedication and now the XVR-530 has been replaced with the next generation XVR star kits, the best bedroom stars in the world just got better. Star ceiling products have built a reputation of being very cheesy and meant for 2 year olds and the stuff is everywhere. If you are an adult you don't want cheesy you want realistic, stunning, awe inspiring a truly brilliant night sky. Glowpatch star ceilings are crushing that bad reputation and bringing you just that, the ultimate star ceiling.


XVR Generation II - Star Ceiling Overview

* Sleep under my unique and original star ceiling art with the ultimate glow in the dark star ceiling. Now in a new star strip format allowing multiple fitters on a single ceiling at the same time. The XVR-532 small ceiling kit can be fitted in around 90 minutes with one person or just 45 minutes with two.
* New technology that allows easy release of each star from the star strips which makes taking each star effortless, details on how to take each star can be seen in detail at the bottom of this page.
* High movement effect, many of the stars in your star ceiling will be alive with movement from the first few minutes right through the night.
* These Gen II star kits have been designed for ease of fitting and with easy to follow instructions so you get the ceiling placement right every time and without having to work it out.
* A completely proven product with several thousand star ceilings set up around the world since 2009 and now available in multiple kit sizes to better match individual preference and ceilings.
* 11 different intensity levels and sub levels between stars in each kit and all hand made a critical feature in achieving a truly realistic night sky.
* Whitish in daytime colour making these stars almost invisible on white or very light coloured ceilings and then simply stunning once the room is dark.
* Self adhesive bases making these glow in the dark stars very simple and easy to install with no need for putties or glue.
* The ultimate star ceiling effect refined and perfected over the last ten years and completely unmatched by other glow stars, stickers, glow paint, fibre optics etc.
* These XVR bedroom stars will glow all night every night for decades and will charge fast from afternoon daylight or from almost any type of room light in around 15 minutes.
* Unlike fibre optics there is no need for ceiling excess, no cables to run, no power supplies to install and no holes to drill.
* Completely safe glow in the dark composition, Zero VOC, non radio active and non toxic making them perfect for all bedrooms whether an adult star ceiling, Nursery star ceiling or even set up in a Motor Home.
* Great gift for any person at any age!

Star Ceiling - Super simple set up

* Step 1   * Step 2
Take glow stars from the set only in the direction shown.
Place the glow stars according to my instructions below.

Image of a small set of micro stars


Image of placing a micro star

  That's it, wait till dark and be amazed!  
Star ceiling variation panel image

Why my star ceilings work

If you are to look at the stars in the real night sky you will see variation, the real stars do not all look the same in size or intensity. So if you want to re-create the same look on your ceiling you will need a product that will supply this variation.

The table on the left shows the different glow strengths that you will receive with my XVR series star ceiling kits. From the 8 micro star levels to the blue giants the glow in the dark stars in these kits will give you the variation needed to replicate the night sky.

This variation is now more refined with a much higher contrast between all the star levels giving the viewer an even more realistic star ceiling illusion. These kits also have high movement glow in the dark stars so along with the stable variation levels you will also have ever changing variation, stars that appear a certain brightness one second will change to a different intensity the next and continue to do so throughout the night.

The more you slowly pan your eyes around your star ceiling the more stars you will see pulse out of the darkness only to disappear again and the cycle will continue.

Now you will not have to worry about which strength star to take first or second simply follow my easy fit instructions and you can't go wrong.

Along with the variation it is also critical that your ceiling looks black even if it's white to give you the illusion of deep black space. The XVR stars provide the most black ceiling effect of all my kits giving you deep black space amongst your ever changing star ceiling, a truly magnificent illusion!

Have this amazing and relaxing work of art on your ceiling and enjoy sleeping under the stars!

Image of my three star ceiling kits the XVR-532, XVR-776, XVR-1064 and a close up of a 776 star kit in my hand. For use in bedrooms to creat a super realistic star ceiling.



My star ceilings are unique and hand made


This is an actual time lapse photograph of a blue giant and L7 micro star as well as a daytime magnification so you can easily see the fully moulded shape but in reality they are very small. Each of these tiny mouldings is its own glow in the dark light source that requires no batteries or power supplies and when combined with the different intensities produce an awesome star ceiling effect that will shine for over 16 hours per night.


Time lapse photograph of my XVR glow in the dark stars from my star ceiling kit

A photo of me in the middle of moulding my ceiling stars
Hands On Production Process.

My glow in the dark stars are hand made individual mouldings that get bonded to a white glow reflective backing which has a self adhesive outer film. This is not a mass production process it is something that takes time to produce however this process allows me to control the colour, mass and intensity. This control is crucial in producing glow in the dark stars that will create the ultimate star ceiling illusion and is something that cheap mass produced bulky or sticker stars will never be able to achieve.

Gen II - XVR Micro Stars - Sleep under a brilliant night sky!
New generation XVR-532 star kits, the best and most realistic star ceiling product in the world.

* GEN II XVR -532 Star Kit

Sold Out

532 stars, full small ceiling with a setup area of between 7 and 9 square metres or 75 to 95sq ft and a 90 minute setup time for 1 person, 45 minutes for two people etc.

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XVR-776 star ceiling kit for medium size bedroom ceilings. Create the most realistic night sky in minutes.

* GEN II XVR -776 Star Kit

Sold Out

776 stars, full medium ceiling with a setup area of between 10 and 13 square metres or 107 to 140 sq ft and a 2 hour setup time for 1 person, 60 minutes for two people etc.

XVR-1064 glow in the dark star ceiling kit for large size bedroom ceilings.

* GEN II XVR -1064 Star Kit

Sold Out

1064 stars, full large ceiling or two small ceilings with a setup area of between 14 and 18 square metres or 150 to 195 sq ft and a 3 hour setup time for 1 person, 90 minutes for two people etc.


A comment from one of my customers that sums up my star ceiling


No matter how many pictures you look at... you will never be able to appreciate how amazing these stars look. The stars on the ceiling in our daughters bedroom don't just look like little lights... the ceiling is transformed into a night sky with depth and distance... amazing simply amazing!


Star Ceiling Instructions - XVR Star Strips


Make sure your ceiling or wall is clean, dry and dust free before you place your stars or you will end up with some falling stars : )


Take stars from the strips only in the direction shown. Once you have taken a star it does not have to be placed in the same order on your ceiling it can go anywhere. Never touch the adhesive side of the stars with your finger.


To take a star from the set you can use the tip of a box cutter blade (See pictures below & Video) this method will give you full control. If you want you can make the blade blunt before using it with a file or sandpaper as it's not important to have a sharp blade. You can also use your finger nail in place of the blade but it will be much slower.

Place your thumb behind the next star in line and bring the blade to the opposite side then gently lift.   The star will now be sitting on the end of the blade ready to place on the ceiling.
Image of my new XVR series star strips.   Image showing how easy you can take these glow in the dark stars to create the most amazing indoor night sky!
Rotate the star towards the ceiling and then place, push it on the ceiling with your thumb or finger for half a second to activate the adhesive.   The star is now fitted and it will build it's bond to the ceiling over the next few days.

You will receive a star layout example with each order which shows random placement positions of the stars the same as I would do myself when installing. Simply fit the stars to your ceiling in a similar fashion separating each star type out to it's specific area as described here, It really is that simple!

  Micro star separation. Each row of 20 stars will do an area the same size as the layout example and the full amount of rows should be spread over the area that your kit was purchased for. Don’t overthink it, you simply need to end up with a scattering of these stars that makes no sense and is fully random.
  Super bright star separation. These stars do not follow the layout example as each row of 11 stars should be spread randomly over an area of 2.25 sqm or 23 sq ft. The distance between these stars should be no less than 200mm (8 inches) and up to 1 metre (3 feet) apart. Again don't overthink it just be random with your placement.
  Fit the few light balance stars in a random fashion similar to the layout example but expand them out to a 1.5 metre (5foot) area nearest your room light. The blue giants should simply be placed in random positions between 600mm (2feet) and 1800mm (6feet) apart.
Illustration of star placement for star ceiling setup.
An illustration on how your full ceiling should be fitted with all the stars randomly placed and not following the ceiling edge around the room. The Large dots refer to the blue giants, medium dots refer to the super bright stars and the small dots refer to the micro stars. You can see how this room looks at night in my star photo article.


Tip: To make sure you get a perfect result fit the stars a little thinner to start with. Keep a few rows of micro stars and one or two rows of super brights depending on the kit size and use these stars to make certain areas more busy but only after seeing the effect overnight and working out where you want more. If the effect is great and you can't work out where to put them just spread the remaining stars anywhere over the full area.


Important: Room darkness is critical to a perfect effect . The XVR star ceiling kits are affected by interfering light just as with the stars in the true night sky. If there is a full moon the moonlight will drown out the real stars as do the City lights and the same applies with my micro stars. In order for the XVR stars to create a super realistic night sky in your room they must have darkness. If your room is not dark enough many of your movement stars and faint stars may not be visible and you will not have your full star ceiling effect.


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Take a look at my short video on setting up a Glowpatch star ceiling.
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